The history of the tiny house on wheels is as old as the wheels underneath them; that is, they emerged almost simultaneously with automobiles. They are, as a friend so astutely noted, the American Dream collapsed into one mobile object. It should be no surprise that much of the (justified) critique takes up the fraught nature of the American Dream: issues of access, privilege, whiteness, property, consumerism, etc. It’s all there.

There have been many take-downs of the movement as of late that are ill-informed, hasty, and seem to be working more as click bait than journalism. However, there are smart and nuanced critiques as well.

In my opinion, one article in between those poles is here.

And today, a compelling critique from Jacobin here.

I’d LOVE it if y’all compare to my chapter written over two years ago and send me your thoughts!

Critique should make us more thoughtful, more responsive. Hip hip!



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