At the wee house camp, there has been a lot of thinking and learning. lately, about how structures gain stability. From afar, or even inside, a house seems simple. until you feel the screw turning over and over, look angles new, perspective skews and askew. it makes sight farnear, inside, new.

For every nail powered into the wood, combined, it makes me realize how much we need to feel safe. How intricate all our structures. How many small splinters and screwturns are hidden, so purposefully we forget they’re there. How many nails on heads.

Walling in.

The tiny house almost has a full set of walls; they are sturdy as can be with funky cuts everywhere for the TWELVE windows. I looked out my front porch one today!!! … Hope you are enjoying the sun, and remembering to light others up with yourshine. Some snapshots:

a.a. tiny house

Some people think you can have it all.  When did having

enough stop being enough?  And even if you did have it

all—where would you put it?

In Plain Sight

The idea of building a tiny house, an enormously daunting and simultaneously small project, was born out of a desire to live more fully what I study academically. But, it was just as much born out of the colossal blessing that is knowing talented, creative and belief-driven people.

So it started with a wouldn’t-it-be-so-rad-to conversation, and led to many brainstorms, spreadsheets, craigslist scourings. And then we decided to do it. To craft the plans, buy the trailer, and put on protective eye wear. I will attempt to document this crazy fun journey here. Patience for my newness –  to both blogging and building.

In building, we are committed to using as much reclaimed and/or rejected materials as can be found, AND to using the hands of as many people as possible (not just for free tiny house labor, but for the beauty of a collage of fingerprints on its little being). If you have ideas/materials/free time and want to come out to the compound and get tiny, get in touch – I’m a good cook  😉

To give you an idea so far, here are a few first-stage pictures below.