tiny finishes

Not that tiny houses are ever done – as we renegotiate, redesignate, reorganize – but, a few weeks ago, the tiny got some finishing touches. There were a number of things we didn’t get to in our rush to make the initial move. BUT! Because my buildingpartnerincrime graciously came to help a few weeks ago, we finished the tiny the way we started: brushing dust and grime off long-cornered things, making new by re-visioning old.

simple, small finishing touches do make an enormous difference in the space. Though the tiny has always felt home-y, it now feels like home. Here’s what went down: (but first a pretty picture)

She's getting spacious!

Medicine cabinet, comes from an old box found in my grandmother’s garage:

IMG_4825 IMG_4826

Utensil holder, from used drawer found at Bring recyclery:


Drawers, re-sized from drawers found at Bring also:

IMG_4832 IMG_4833 IMG_4834

Tilt drawer, from the end of old wine crate also found in my grandma’s garage:

IMG_4830 IMG_4829

Installed my stove cover (and sealed a friend’s ceramic tile to the top – extra pretty heat pad):


For aesthetics, this old farming-row sign adds “eye-heighth” to the room:


AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, sealed the shower (with epoxy and old washers); I tried various methods over the last year and a half, to no avail… but now it WORKS!:

IMG_4835 IMG_4837

This means that everything! everything! everything! in the tiny house works!

Hooray everything! Hope your things lead you to an everything, but are not that in themselves. Love. aa.