dayslipping – long to find out …

Unusually warm February weather has brought the smells of spring, a mirage taunting the studious with visions of flowered hikes and sun-veiled naps. It’s tenacious. Days are slipping by as if filled with chin up forest gazing, not head down ‘novel’ reading.

Which brings me to my point:

In a few months, I will be talking tiny houses (as well as rhetoric surrounding the movement, “philosophical” or otherwise) and wanted to get some thoughts, complications, and/or feedback from the experts – which means ANYONE who has an interest in Tiny Houses as a proper noun… or even thoughts about THAT idea itself. Sooooo…

What do you find particularly inspiring about the Tiny House movement? Particularly problematic?

Where have you had trouble negotiating the claims about its benefits? Where have you been moved by the same?

What do you think are important topics for the NOW of Tiny Houses, meaning: what is relevant for this particular Tiny House moment? Given the media attention on, increased interest in, and diversity of tiny houses, motivations are headed … where????  Where does the movement need to go? Where is it held up?

And, how may the movement engage in service of the SOCIAL, not just the individual?  In what ways is the movement uniquely situated to be of use or irrelevance?

I would LOVE to hear feedback from ANYONE. literally. Feel free to email me at or comment here.

Thank you, and I hope your blessings are scattered as widely as the upcoming Spring would have them. 🙂

Love in many plurals, April

ps. excuse the bad Beatles off pun? It was all I had. 🙂