happy leaning

Here in the tiny, the heat and freedom of summer is upon us. Between decompressing with friends new and old, zooming up and down Portland to Eugene, sitting in and out of spaces large and small – in the last month the tiny has informed many contrasts. It also made a few more media appearances – here and here. A good friend observed the paradox of my tiny house life: it isolates, but also forces me to seek out, interact with, and use community more. The tiny house, like much I am attracted to, is a unification of opposites- it is small, but allows a larger, more full life; it is an intimately personal choice but has great impact for public, academic and private selves; and while the tiny house seems simple, it complicates many things, theoretical and practical; it is always a recursive lesson in self-awareness. Like any good pun.

So, to all my community, near and far, I hope  summer is sending you ray-riding and reveling. The sun is definitely up!

And, I know this is a little tardy but, as promised in my last post, here are  links to information about some of my favorite talks from ASLE:

– Wes Jackson and Donald Worster of the Land Institute: These two men were wry and witty; listening to them was just like watching them on their back porch sipping ice tea and wisdom. If you are at all interested in what the brightest and most responsible minds are thinking about food supply future, check out this. (also, here is an especially good article by Donald Worster).

–  Daniel Wildcat spoke like a gentleandfirm shepherd. The audience left inspired, restored and hope-filled. His beautiful, strong heart and honest politics reminds us all what it means to honor community. Hear him speak here.

– Cary Wolfe, academic crush.

– Stacy Alaimo, academic crush.

* I’ve been fielding a lot of requests to read the tiny house talk that I gave (SUPER flattering) and the paper is incredibly relevant to this very recent Vermont Public Radio story, in both the show’s content and comments (fittingly, they use a picture of MY tiny house as the lead photo – COOL 🙂 ). Soooo… I am looking in to the cross-publication guidelines in hopes of just posting the piece here in its entirety. Stay tuned. 🙂

In the meantime, remember “Laws, like houses, lean on one another” – Edmund Burke.

Happy leaning, April