The Tiny, she moves me. and maybe you.


It is with a sense of profundity that I announce that I am selling my tiny.

I never named her, besides knowing the home as her and calling her “the tiny.” But still, she has (and is) my heart. We built her so that I could pursue my PhD in Literature and the Environment, but, as is common in academia, I am moving and cannot take her with me. In a short five years, she has taught me so very much. It is with profound reluctance that I admit the time has come for The Tiny to roll on.

The Tiny is a stunning tiny house, handmade out of reclaimed, repurposed, and local materials. Built by myself and many friends and family, this house is the product of many hours of labor and careful attention to every detail. I chose every small piece of the house, corners and woods and windows all from treasures I found, purchased, or was given. She is truly a work of precision and love.

The Tiny has been the inspiration for much of my own scholarship (here and here and here), has been featured in the films Small is Beautiful, on the Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and others, and is frequently described as one of the most beautiful tiny houses ever seen.


The tiny’s media appearances:

More photos:

All blessings must eventually move. And I know the tiny will move her next person. If you are that person, or you know who that person is, contact me at




2 thoughts on “The Tiny, she moves me. and maybe you.

  1. You impress me! I want to build my own! I want it all! I reached out to a friend and gave them your e-mail. I am so glad that you are following you and doing what you want to do. After all, you taught me “I can do whatever I want.” You are hella powerful.

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