tiny finishes

Not that tiny houses are ever done – as we renegotiate, redesignate, reorganize – but, a few weeks ago, the tiny got some finishing touches. There were a number of things we didn’t get to in our rush to make the initial move. BUT! Because my buildingpartnerincrime graciously came to help a few weeks ago, we finished the tiny the way we started: brushing dust and grime off long-cornered things, making new by re-visioning old.

simple, small finishing touches do make an enormous difference in the space. Though the tiny has always felt home-y, it now feels like home. Here’s what went down: (but first a pretty picture)

She's getting spacious!

Medicine cabinet, comes from an old box found in my grandmother’s garage:

IMG_4825 IMG_4826

Utensil holder, from used drawer found at Bring recyclery:


Drawers, re-sized from drawers found at Bring also:

IMG_4832 IMG_4833 IMG_4834

Tilt drawer, from the end of old wine crate also found in my grandma’s garage:

IMG_4830 IMG_4829

Installed my stove cover (and sealed a friend’s ceramic tile to the top – extra pretty heat pad):


For aesthetics, this old farming-row sign adds “eye-heighth” to the room:


AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, sealed the shower (with epoxy and old washers); I tried various methods over the last year and a half, to no avail… but now it WORKS!:

IMG_4835 IMG_4837

This means that everything! everything! everything! in the tiny house works!

Hooray everything! Hope your things lead you to an everything, but are not that in themselves. Love. aa.


8 thoughts on “tiny finishes

  1. Hi April! I watched an interview with you on tiny house talks, which lead me to your blog! I’m about to graduate college in 2 weeks and want to build my own tiny house! I live in Portland and was hoping you might be willing to either meet with me so I can pick your brain about your tiny house building experience, or correspond through email. I look forward to talking to you!

  2. Wow, i love your house, and also your writing. I live in Boston in a tiny house and soon will live in a very tiny house in the woods near a pond. All i want is time and peace and to live among the trees and swim, and feel the air.

  3. Hello. Discovered your blog this very day. I’d been missing it and didn’t even know it. So glad to know it now. I’m very curious about your shower and washers and epoxy. Perhaps you explain in an earlier post and I haven’t seen it yet? I’m trying to figure out a shower that isn’t ick plastic or heavy, prone-to-crack tile, or $2,300 custom stainless. If yours is still working I’d love to know more about it. Take good care.

    1. Hi, Pamela! The epoxy shower is still working (though I squeegee it after each shower just for safety’s sake). Basically we put a paper cup in the drain (so the epoxy wouldn’t run down) and poured the epoxy over the whole floor – I used the old washers both for aesthetics and to build up the sides of the shower to get the water to run in to the drain more effectively. One piece of advice I definitely have is to NOT do a wet bath. Have the toilet separate from the shower. If I could change anything, that would be one of the only things I would choose. Good luck with your build !!

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