“small on wheels”

the Eugene Weekly ran a great piece about the local (and national) tiny house movement; I was fortunate enough to be included in it and had a lovely time with Shannon and Todd. Read the article here.

hope the day is blessing you.

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About aatinyhouse

April Anson is a native oregonian, a lover of all things wild, and a student of the dialectical spaces surrounding that term. Currently, she is an English PhD student in Literature and the Environment at the University of Oregon.
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5 Responses to “small on wheels”

  1. A fantastic article about a fantastic movement, here’s hoping everything stays positive in your life

  2. Matt says:

    I have been intrigued with tiny homes for some time and I feel like I have seen them all via blogs, forum’s and you tube. Yours is a true stand out. So many personal touches and efficient use of space. The half moon window is a show stopper and great call on the Gambrel roof, both of those probably make the space feel so much bigger. And that beatle pine wood is stunning. You may have just reinvigorated my desire to pursue my own tiny home.

  3. Rod says:

    Why do you want less built in furniture?

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