The tiny house is settling into her new place of residence, and I with it. With some books on her shelves and scraps in the pantry, slowly the smell of home seeps into the little structure. I am almost completely moved in, save for the kitties to purr alongside me. Without a doubt, they will fall as deeply in love with every inch, ring, and crevice of her as I have. after the meowanxiety softens…


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ps. my bed is COZYCOZYCOZY


9 thoughts on “settlinginsnuggling.

    1. We went with the $90 basic plan from Tumbleweed as a starting point, and then sort of figured it out from there. I would most certainly share them, but truly believe in supporting the Tumbleweed operation, so I do think if you want to, you should purchase the $90 plans. With that said, I don’t think we actually used them all that much, so I think you may be able to just research for your vision specifically, and seek out problem solving via blogs and such. Best of luck!!!!

  1. Pretty neat! Question, though; I see the stove (propane, I assume) but I don’t see any real venting aside from the one window that opens. With such a visionary approach, it would be a distinct tragedy to read about an accidental asphyxiation this winter due to poor ventilation. Please tell me this is something that you’ve thought about and has been previously addressed.

    1. Patrick,
      VERY astute observation and concern! I have thought about it, yes, but have no vent besides the window. I purchased a pricey gas detection and cook only with the window open. In such a mild climate as Oregon, there are very few days when it will be too cold. BUT all that to say, installing a hood or other means of venting is certainly a possibility if I find the window insufficient. THANK YOU!!!!

      1. You’re welcome! 🙂 Your article caught my eye, not only because of the unique build, but because I lived and worked in the Eugene area for 8 years, returning to Utah in 2010 (my wife is a former Duck!). While I was there, I built an office in my garage in Creswell, and through that process learned a lot about living structures: legal and practical.

        Something that I would like to suggest (if it hasn’t already) is a dual-purpose smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The one I picked up for my room was a self-contained unit with a built-in battery that was rated for 10 years (no wiring, yay!). They should be available at either Home Depot or Lowe’s.

        Best of luck through you studies and your living! Cheers!

      2. Great advice. As of now, I have both separate; but, as soon as one goes, I’ll buy the dual 🙂 Thanks for the tip and GO DUCKS 🙂

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