insuring delays.

Early in, a friend told me one thing he knew for certain: big projects always come in past due and over budget. The budget is okay, but past due is certain. The house is shaping up beautifully despite the tanks arriving three weeks later than expected, but…

insurance is another matter. I am frantically searching for transit insurance for the house – ANYTHING to protect it on the road. And it is proving (as many tiny blogs attest) far more complicated than a simple over-the-phone policy.  That, coupled with the fact that Saturday is the first home football game at Autzen and the majority of labor day weekend traffic … and …

…. we are postponing the move until Wednesday of next week. better safe than sadfacedsorry. sigh. (relief).

Here are some recent pictures, including bathroom and kitchen installation, shelves dry fit (installed later to save weight in transit) and the GORGEOUS ladder made from hundred+ yr. old 2x4s. so. cool.

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