shutter speeds.

a tribute to the busy-ness of the week is also the epic failure of the same: I forgot to take photos.

This weekend I sold almost everything in my house, as well as stuffs I had been collecting over the past few months. Friends donated their goodwill items and between their amazing goods and my household, we had a HUGE sale. A full yard on Friday, which lay pretty bare by the end of that day, and then a full yard on saturday with a completely empty one by 9 that night. I not only made my monetary goal to pay for moving costs and registration, I met incredible characters from the neighborhood and beyond, and watched as the last fifteen years of my life disappeared piece by piece. From teenage candle holders to vintage suitcases, I felt lighter with every item taken smilingly away.

BUT… there are no photos! Shutter speed 0. In the rush of 5 am set up and the subsequent flood of people, I completely neglected to document the very thing this project is about: getting smaller. But imagine a yard literally covered in things. the things we keep and fill a house with. the things that make it feel full. but as i type this in an almost empty house, I feel my cup running over. All of those memories strewn across my lawn, they are still circling my house and my heart. But what a sight it was. Imagine! and snap a few photos for me 🙂

(Jason did take two photos with his phone: one at the end of the day Friday and one of the free pile at the end of the sale)



4 thoughts on “shutter speeds.

  1. I’ve been through the “My God, look at all our stuff” when moving from Ohio to North Carolina. Divided evenly, my portion would be 7,000 pounds! Not including the car. Books, media, furniture accumulated over the course of maybe 20 years was daunting if not appalling. Through it all it is very difficult to let go of. I applaud your staying on task through what could have been the undoing of your other efforts.

  2. I have to applaud the work you have done. Your home looks beautiful and really cozy. I am trying to find an acre or two to build my own. Since I am a big guy, I can’t have one with a loft except for guest, so I need to put mine on a foundation. (Can’t climb stairs due to arthritis). I would like to know about the trailer that you used, though. What the weight limit is, and the cost, length, width, etc. I am going to use rough-cut lumber for framing and reclaimed lumber for everything else, and the only new stuff will be the toilet, shower, stove, sinks, and water heater. My estimated cost for framing,(24′ x 26′) is $500, land $1000, roofing, windows, siding and heater, $2000 and labor free.

    1. Thank you for your kind words – I think your sentiment about the accessibility and practicality of the loft is really important; and your budget sounds GREAT. I ordered my trailer custom from Trail Dust Trailers (outside of Portland, OR). I found they were reasonable and incredibly helpful when thinking about making the trailer to accommodate the spacial restrictions of the tiny house (they welded the crossbeams on the bottom of the frame to allow us to build the sub floor into the trailer itself, saving about 4 inches of vertical height for interior space). I look forward to hearing/seeing your project as it develops, and wish you all the luck and grace and generosity and unexpected pleasantries that building can bring!

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