“We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.” – Winston Churchill

Circles: The home building is beginning to take shape, and with that revealing fullcircles… Like a knot-hole in the wood where we needed a handle, friends with skills arriving just in time, and  … at the moment when I couldn’t think of anything to trim the interior windows, this gorgeous wood lands in my front yard.

Literally. The wood was found in my very own attic, from an energy upgrade to my portland house. And it planed up beautifully! What could be more cyclical than framing the interior windows of the tiny house with old wood from one I’ll leave behind.  Mighty awe-full, cowboysandgirls 🙂

Squares: With hand building, some things are a little out of square. Anyone who knows me would most likely find this appropriate. squared.

Lines of all kinds… in the form of deadlines, finish lines, and starting positions. We are quickly nearing the deadline to complete the house and move to Duck country. I am starting to see lines of the house take shape, and the simultaneous nearing of a calendar date, as if the deadline were on conveyor belt quickly toward me. Between this and watching Olympic track every night, my a.m. wake-ups are now as if by starting pistol or jetlaggedjolt from conveyor belt carrying luggage too clunky. It’s at once urgent and a dizzying adrenaline rush. And that’s before coffee!

Perhaps a touch too dramatic, but the Olympics did get me thinking about last pushes. Some runners have it. Their bodies looks charged as they quicken- legs churning some exponential propulsion inside of them. Some are smiling. The fluidity speaks to the joy that is finding what you love. And, as my body has grown accustomed to new uses and an objective on the horizon, I want to pause on the absolute perfection of the last push.

Completion is always a world record. For all who have contributed, GOLD STARS!

That is not to say we are done, so, take a look – Recent photos including cute kiddos, cool friendos, and some radical built-ins below:

(ps. The AP picked up the Register Guard story, and it has since run in the Oregonian, San Francisco Chronicle and many others. CRAZY! And cool that as a result, I get to get friendlier with tiny house communities and occupants!)

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One thought on “shapes.

  1. Wow! Kudos to you and your awesome team for a beautiful tiny home. The window above the door is outstanding! Looking to eventually build a tiny house as well,

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