let there be … light!!! shingles!!! door!!!

Coming off back to back weekends of celebration- OCF and the wedding of an incredible couple- work seemed to be a blur. And yet, looking over the photos, what progress!

Light- the large half moon and skylights were daunting in idea, but not as difficult as anticipated. AND … the skylight over the sleeping loft is operable, which means you can STAND UP through the ROOF!!!! I see festival flags waving through the future with this one.

Shingles- I like them. I like installing them. repetition makes meditation.

Door- at the Rebuilding Center, the PERFECT size door complete with frame and an adorable handle. so. good.

(thanks to Nick Carter, my mother, neighbors’ encouragement, and the local ice cream truck for their contributions.)

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2 thoughts on “let there be … light!!! shingles!!! door!!!

  1. April,

    I was wondering what grade of shingles you choice to use (#1, #2, or #3). I just got price quotes for all three and I am having trouble deciding which to use. I am moving my house to Olympia, WA shortly after it is completed to finish up my B.A. so the climate will be pretty similar to Portland’s.



  2. Tess, I am ALMOST positive they are #2 (it’s been a few years now, so it’s not 100%). My general feeling was spending a bit more, when possible, for the things that I wanted to last forever was a good investment. Of course, that was an option because I upcycled almost everything for the whole house so I could splurge a bit on the shingles and the roof. Hope that helps!

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