odds, ends, coolest trend.

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Some of the coolest things have begun to happen since moving the tiny house home.

Coolest Trends: NEIGHBORS. I was worried about neighbors’ annoyance, but have heard only positives – honks and waves, praise shouted from passing cars, queries on foot, bike and tricycle, and many offers to help. Today a couple who are planning to build their own wee house  stopped by. They asked if they could offer their help with the project to learn before starting their own. SO. COOL. and great example for hapless pessimists.

Odds: major scores at the Rebuilding Center and ReStore. Some highlights: cedar closet lining (three full boxes, and a full three dollars spent), old brick molding to trim the windows outside, raked board for who knows what, LIGHTS, and some strange pieces of metal that I’m waiting to declare their home.

Ends: All the work appearing in these infrequent posts makes short the many many MANY hours each piece requires. This is a very important lesson for someone (me) who tends to envision large things in simple terms. Minds want easybakeoveneffortless. But the actuality of every crevice caulked, every shingle stapled, every detail done is in sets of seconds which disappear into days. The reality is – it is a testament of character to carry the patience of detail. and I am learning how important seconds are. They lead to firsts. But only by the patience of many detailed hands.


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