At the wee house camp, there has been a lot of thinking and learning. lately, about how structures gain stability. From afar, or even inside, a house seems simple. until you feel the screw turning over and over, look angles new, perspective skews and askew. it makes sight farnear, inside, new.

For every nail powered into the wood, combined, it makes me realize how much we need to feel safe. How intricate all our structures. How many small splinters and screwturns are hidden, so purposefully we forget they’re there. How many nails on heads.

2 thoughts on “solidarity.

  1. hi april…i’ve been scouring your photos because we are in the planning stage of such a teensy house and are going with a gambrel roof as well. are the loft joists just screwed into the top of the studs beneath the top plate?

    1. Hey, I don’t know how I never replied to this – I am SO sorry. The joists are secured to the top, yes, but also to the sides (with metal plates) – I am horrible with the technical terms, but I hope that helps (albeit ashamedly late).

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