New trailer- made by some local rapscallions.


4 thoughts on “Trailer

  1. April,

    Been following your blog for a while and now I am embarking on my own journey of building a tiny house. One problem… the trailer! Could you tell me specifics on what you did for your trailer? I have been looking for ones on craigslist and at the tumbleweed ones too, but they are all rather pricey and I am not sure what my best option would be.
    Thanks in advance- Tess.

      1. April,

        I just wanted to say thank you for letting me know about Trail Dust Trailers. I searched around a lot, but in the end TDT gave me both the best quote and was the most enthusiastic about creating my custom tiny house trailer. I am putting down my down payment on the trailer today and could not be more happy. Thank you again!



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